Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ski Tracks in Växjö

I like the green of the moss

A really cool looking pool I found.  I like the designs

A close up of part of the design

Different places to go on the trails

A skier!  Probably much better than I am

More tracks.  You can see they are the best with the tree pieces in the way
Pretty sunshine

The trees look so green against the snow in some places, it's really beautiful
Last time I came to Sweden I tried cross country skiing and really loved it.  They don't have much snow left where I am living right now, but the tracks are still there and still somewhat usable.  Today I just took a walk through the trails to get some pictures.  It is really beautiful in the woods with the trees and the snow.  On Monday, I went skiing and it was snowing.  I wish I had my camera then because the snow was so beautiful!  I think snowfall is one of the most peaceful and beautiful things in nature.  I guess I haven't been here long enough to be sick of it.  I hope I get a chance to go farther north so I can ski some more because after a couple more weeks, the snow will probably be gone here.