Monday, January 24, 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark

Now that my au pair visa is finally official, I wanted to write in this blog again.  I went to Copenhagen to pick up my visa with the mom of the family I am staying with.  Though the weather was dark and dreary, it was a nice city to explore and I would like to go back during nicer weather.  We walked around mostly just looking at different buildings, the castle, lots of different churches, and things like that.  We went to have coffee and sat on the second floor looking over the street.  I had a chai latte and I have never had as delicious a latte as that one.  I must go back for that, ha!  Copenhagen is a nice place, very international.  Apparently is a really great place for people of all ages to come, especially during summer.  This, however, is far from summer.

This is a very popular place for a lot of people to come hang out (usually meaning have a beer...ew) but as you can see, it looks a little dead...probably because it's freezing...

We went to look at the top of a tower, out over the city.  It was very foggy and you could not really see much, but it was nice.  They had this exhibit called Hungry Planet about the food in the world and how we use it.  They had these great photos of different families from all over the world (Chad, Mali, Japan, China, Australia, Poland, Denmark, Mexico, Cuba, USA...etc) and the amount of food they ate per week and along with the photos were lists of exactly what they ate and how much it cost per week.  It was amazing.  They had a book with all of it as well, and I think I would like to get that some day.  It is incredible the difference in cost and amount between Chad and USA, for example.  However, some of the lower cost, less food families had fresher, definitely more appetizing food than many of the Western countries with all the canned and boxed and processed food.  I think this was one of the highlights of the day.  It was really impressive and the photos were wonderful and of course it was very scary...


I think this was an Australian family

I can't remember what this one was, but I am guessing somewhere in Latin America

Altogether, this was a wonderful day.  We stopped by the tourist office to check out if we had missed anything and I saw a museum for musical instruments and it looked really cool was closed for renovations.  I definitely want to go back and I will definitely see that museum! 

We had a lovely dinner with my au pair mom's parents before driving home.  So, it is official.  I have a visa to stay in Sweden for one year.  I will be taking Swedish classes and hopefully get enrolled into a class at the university as well.  I think this will be a good experience, though I miss my friends so much, I wish I had money to fly them here.  Don't hesitate to visit! 

Road Trip to Canada

I know this is very late, but I did want to add some pictures and a little bit about my road trip to Canada.  This was around the beginning of October.  My friend Ellen was moving there and wanted a little company on the trip, and a car to hold all her stuff.  So, on a whim, I decided to go.  It was a long long long drive, but it was fun and I am glad I got to see a little bit of Canada.  Mostly just Toronto.  First, we stopped in Ohio and then went to Niagara Falls.  It was beautiful.

We spent the next couple days exploring Toronto and helping Ellen find her way around.  The weather was beautiful and the city was really nice.  I am not much of a big city person, but it was nice to see for a couple days.

One of the most essential things we found was a contra dance!  It is a necessary way to have fun and meet people in the new city.  So, we danced, we made friends, and we explored with them afterward!  It was a great trip, though I was glad to be out of the car at the end.