Saturday, March 21, 2009

Batik Workshop

This past week we had four days of batik. Some artists came from the Village des Arts to show us different types of batik and help us make our own. Batik originated in Indonesia and has spread throughout the world. We got a t-shirt and two different types of fabrics to work with. Batik is using melted wax to make designs on fabric. Some people use stamps, others just paint. There are a few different techniques. After finishing with the wax, there were several buckets of dye to choose from. After the dye dries, the artists would put our pieces in boiling water to melt off the wax. Then, the product is finished! It was a fun experience, because I have always wanted to learn how, and what better place to learn something like that than Senegal?

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  1. Are these your batiks? They are beautiful! I can't wait for you to show Mary and me how to do it.