Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm in France now!

So, I started this blog last year when I went to Senegal. Maybe I should keep it up since I have been to three different countries since then? Maybe I have interesting things to say? Ha! We'll see. I left Sweden on Friday, much to my dismay, but will be going back inch'allah in about 5 weeks. I am doing a 4 week training program to teach English as a foreign language. I am in rural Brittany and there is snow everywhere. Not much different than Sweden. Apparently they have not had this much snow in 20 years. Great. Perfect timing. However, I am already used to it so I am not freaking out like everyone else. There is only one other student. A 50 year old lady from Australia. She is the kind of personality that I can only take in small doses. However, we are living in the same place and having class all day together. So, I am learning to deal with it. Today is already better than the other days, which is good. We are staying with a very nice French couple. They have a really nice and modern house. I have my own room and a DVD player so I can watch movies if I want. It is really great. They help me a lot with my French, which is fun and just what I need. When I was in Senegal, I spoke as little as possible to the family I stayed with mainly because they were terrifying. Anyway, they are wonderful people, and their food is amazing. I am going to have to learn some French recipes or something. Tonight the Australian lady basically told me I should make ratatouille cause I mentioned it a few days ago. Should be interesting. Last night they had some friends and their children over for king cake. I got the little figurine, so I wore the crown for the evening. It was delicious cake. There was too much french going on at one time so it was hard to get anything. It's ok. It's a start. So, I will be here for 4 weeks, today is the 3rd day of class. I think it will be an interesting program, and hopefully when the snow clears I can meet people closer to my age! The French couple I am staying with go to a pool twice a week for swim lessons. They said I could come with them on Sunday! Finally, a pool to swim in! And of course, I don't go anywhere without a suit, cap, and goggles. The sun is out today so I will go for a walk and take more pictures that don't look so grim. I guess that is all for now! I miss my family and friends, but the internet is helping, of course. I am generally excited and happy with what I am doing. Graduating early was the best decision I ever made.

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