Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sweden: In a Nutshell

I went to Sweden for three weeks over Christmas and New Years before coming to France. So, in a nutshell, this was my trip! I had Christmas with all of Oskar's mom's family. A lot of sitting and listening to Swedish, but there was really good food and people were very nice. It is more north, so it was really cold! But really enjoyable anyway. I got to try out driving a snowmobile which was terrifying/thrilling. Oskar and I drove around in a big field, and yes, I wore a helmet. :) That was the most exciting thing I did there I think. After Mora (the name of the town), we went to a ski resort for three days. Free passes, free rentals, and an amazing time! I have not really been skiing much except a couple church trips when I was in middle school. Basically, I was a beginner and I was terrified. I had a lot of fun though! I was sure I would get frostbite on my fingers since I did not really have ski gloves, but I survived. The view from the top of the slopes is incredible, I wish I had my camera. You could watch the sun going down over the snowy mountains and the light was amazing. You could also see into Norway from where we were. The third day, instead of skiing, we went to a big spa place. It had one room with a huge pool and fancy water slides, it had a place to "surf," and then there was this quiet sauna area with 4 or so different kinds of saunas, jacuzzi, and bar, which had lots of free water :) It was so fun and relaxing on my sore muscles from skiing. I did not want to leave! All in all, a great trip! And mostly free! We headed down south to Hjo, where Oskar lives with his dad and stepmom. He has a really nice house near town. It is just a small walk down to the fancy chocolate shop his dad and stepmom run. One of the last days, we got to hang out in the basement and try all the truffles we wanted. It was amazing. They had a big party for New Years, which was fun and nice to meet a lot of different people from Sweden (and one from Finland). I enjoyed exploring the town, going skating, and freezing my butt off...ok, maybe I didn't really enjoy that part all that much. We got stuck in the snow one night and had a lot of fun digging ourselves out with another of Oskar's friends. So, there is the shortened summary of my trip. I probably forgot stuff that I did, but those are the highlights. I think skiing and the snowmobile were the most exhilarating experiences. But really, it was all so wonderful, and felt like the shortest three weeks of my life. However, I intend to return there after I am finished here in France. I am currently looking for language centers where I may find some work as an English teacher or assistant. I will be applying in the next couple days and hopefully something will work out. Maybe I am being too optimistic? But I have decided to be as diligent as possible and find something. Wish me luck!

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