Saturday, January 30, 2010

Abbaye de Bon Repos

Yesterday afternoon, when Paula and I got back from class and when we were all having tea, Jacques and Cathy invited us to go out and see some of the area. We had been so busy this whole time with school that we have not had a chance to really venture out and see much. I was so exhausted from not sleeping much the night before, I really did not think I could go, but knew that I would regret it if I did not. Turns out, as soon as we started driving, all my weariness disappeared. It was so good to not be stuck inside a classroom or stuck inside doing homework. We stopped by the Abbaye de Bon Repos first. It was a nice old building with a beautiful canal in front of it. It also had an old amphitheater where they put on shows every year. It was so good to walk around and be outside, I found myself skipping and being silly. All the exhaustion went away. No one was meant to sit that long for that many days in a row. Something I intend to change if I ever become a teacher. There was a nice rainbow when we got out of the car. It does not really show up well in the picture. Afterward, we went to see the lake. It is the biggest lake in Brittany. We walked around a bit more and had a great time. We stopped inside a little bar and had hot chocolate next to their fireplace. It was a wonderful day. I am so glad they took us out. It is so much better than sitting around worrying about this program. This morning at 5am Cathy and Jacques 4th grandson was born. His name is Roman. They are very happy and have made a hundred calls. Now they are getting ready for a big lunch with their old teacher friends. They are making rabbit. I think I will try some. Why not? I heard it is like chicken, so it can't be that bad! Tomorrow, we are going swimming again, and if we get our work done, they will take us to see the coast. I am excited for another chance to explore and do something outside of the house and outside of the classroom!

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