Sunday, January 17, 2010

Les Crêpes, Nager, et La Couleur Verte

Crepes, Swimming, and the Color Green! Friday night, Jaques made us crepes for supper. He had a large circle pan without sides. He poured the batter on, then lightly spread it out with a wooden tool. They were huge and super thin. He made buckwheat and sweeter crepes. I had mine with an egg and cheese. He spread the egg out over the crepe the same way he spread the crepes out. It was pretty cool to watch. We decided together that Friday night would be crepe night. I had a go at making a crepe. I did not quite spread it out correctly, and it had a couple holes in it, but I was able to flip it perfectly! At least I have couple more Fridays to practice. I am going to write down the recipe and buy my own crepe pan and tools someday. They are delicious! Leftover with butter and jam they are good, too. I had a dessert crepe with butter and a caramel sauce. Yum! We also had delicious homemade cider. A wonderful meal and evening with my French hosts and Aussie lady. Saturday, I woke up, went downstairs for breakfast and was shocked to see something I have not seen since I left the states. The grass! The color Green! It was amazing. No more fields covered in snow, no more ice to walk on, no more freezing toes! It is beautiful! Today, the sun is shining and the greenery is so wonderful. It has warmed up enough so that I am going to go for a run along the country roads later. It is nice to have some color in the landscape again. Yesterday, we went on an adventure to St Brieuc to go swimming. It was closed when we got there, so we all went out for lunch in order to kill time before going back to the pool. We walked around the streets, first, and looked at different shops and the Saturday market. It was a nice walk, and fun to explore the town a bit. But the best part of the day was jumping into a pool with was perfect in temperature and swimming for 45 minutes. I haven't been in almost a year, since they destroyed the pool at Guilford. It felt really good to be in the water again. They will take me every weekend to go swimming. Between that and an occasional run, I think I am getting back on track with my exercise. It is nice to stay active, especially when class is all day long and you just sit there doing nothing but listening to this guy talk and the Aussie lady ask a million questions. I am sore today, and it feels so great!! Things are going really well. I have gotten used to the Aussie lady and her endless questions and comments, and I don't mind sitting and participating in mindless chit chat at dinner and tea time. (By the way, she calls dinner 'tea'). I know I need my alone time, and I get it through walks, or watching movies, or playing on the internet. My job search continues, though I am confident that at the very least, I can work for a French immersion camp. My experience as a camp counselor and my French abilities will surely easily make me qualified for this job. I am, in fact, over-qualified with the TEFL certificate, because that is not required. I feel pretty good about things. The only thing missing now is playing my violin and contra dancing!! There is some kind of "ball" thing happening today and Jaques dad is playing saxophone with an accordion and drums for the music accompaniment. I may check it out, but I do have a lot of work to do, preparing my lesson plans and activities and sending out emails for jobs. Maybe next time. That is all for now. Not a whole lot goes on around here, in the middle of rural Brittany, but I am enjoying myself.

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